Create unique experiences with proximity campaigns

Use any beacon technology to send out information based on your clients' location and to build up their loyalty


Increase client engagement using interactive marketing campaigns with personalised content, broadcasted precisely where needed


Choose to be part of the Zoniz Proximity Network and increase your sales and brand recognition.

About Zoniz

Zoniz is the perfect solution for interacting with customers directly on their smartphones and on digital screens, based on their location. You can create greeting messages, offers that attract them into your store, polls to find out their opinions and many more. In addition, by interacting with consumers through Zoniz, you automatically gain access to their contact details and this helps you obtain a more comprehensive view about your target audience.

Zoniz for Retail

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Zoniz for Hotels

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  • Unique experiences
  • Smartphone engagement
  • Digital interactivity
  • Loyalty
  • Location based infos and offers
  • Social media exposure
  • Extended reach
  • Multi-channel advertising

How it works

1. Choose the location

you can use the existing Zoniz network or we can place beacons* in your locations or you just simply register your own beacons with us

2. Create your campaigns

the platform contains easy to use default templates

3. Send your info through Zoniz APP

customers receive the content you created directly on their smartphones and on the digital screens that surround them

4. Get real time statistics

gain access to customers' basic info and interests, along with statistics about campaigns reach

5. Obtain social media exposure

social media actions (Like, Share, Checkin) are available for your campaigns so users can promote your brand and content on their social network


* Beacons are proximity based sensors which locate customers by reaching their smartphones

Campaign types


contains text and visual material for communicating various information


promotional discounts with a secure and unique way of voucher validation


animate your communication with videos and reward customers with vouchers


organize contests and prize draws and pick winners randomly or manually


get feedback from users with accessible surveys and voucher rewards

Scratch Off

an interactive way to award customers with random gifts


engage the users with a fun photo contest or reward them with vouchers in exchange for sharing a picture


add the code feature so that only certain users can access your campaigns

Treasure Hunt

this setting allows you to create a circuit consisting of a series of multiple campaigns

zoniz beacon

Starter Kit

Complete proximity solution

You will get a Zoniz account with:


2 months access*


3 beacons


mobile app


2 hours of online support to get you stared

*Campaign management with easy to use templates, free mobile app for iOS/Android, social media integration, statistics & analytics

Do you have your own beacons?

Free Trial version

Register your beacons with us and try out our proximity solution for one month for free.

Included: 2 hours online support to get you started setting up your campaigns.

Personalized projects

You have a cool proximity project in mind, but you don't know where to start?

We are here to help you find the best solution for your idea. Together we will find the most suiting approach to put your plans into action. You can choose the beacons and the mobile app with or without digital screen integration, based on your preferences and resources. Contact us for more details


For further information on our prices and great support packages don’t hesitate to contact us!

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