Zoniz launching event

In the beginning, before the implementation of the proximity features, Zoniz was a social media tool used for creating online marketing campaigns more easily.
The emergence of beacons was a true revelation for online marketers. The plan of integrating this new technology with Zoniz and creating a mobile advertising platform suited perfectly our entire idea of marketing made easy: simply create relevant advertising content and sent it to your potential clients’ phones exactly where and when you need them to be most receptive to your message.
More interactive than other classical marketing methods, with personalised content that could be designed and set up by anyone with access to the web platform, the new and improved Zoniz was up and running in no time.
And speaking of running, Cluj International Marathon was the first event Zoniz took part in. With approximately 3.500 participants from all over the world, this was the first sports event in Romania to experiment with beacons.
Zoniz mobile app was successfully tested in order to analyze participants engagement and their willingness to use this sort of digital interaction.
During this 2 day event, campaigns within the app had over 500 registered views, a pretty good result considering the fact that this was more of a quality than a quantity experiment.
The feedback from the users was miscellaneous and it helped us very much with the decisions regarding future developments and the improvement of user experience.
All in all, this was a very fun first event, with the entire team working together in order to get as many opinions and downloads as possible.
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