Celebrating the European Capital of Youth with Zoniz

The fifth edition of Cluj Days Festival took place between the 22th and 26th May 2015: concerts, theatre, international cuisine, parades, exhibitions, guided tours and parties all over the city streets.

Promoting Cluj as the European Capital of Youth, this multicultural event was a celebration the city, its continuous growth and all the great opportunities it has to offer to locals and tourists.
This was the second event in which Zoniz Proximity was advertised to the general public and the results were encouraging. We always take into consideration people’s opinions and suggestions in order to make Zoniz even more user friendly.

Regarding content, the app had many informational campaigns about the events taking place throughout the city, a contest with attractive prizes offered by the sponsors of the event and vouchers for free sunglasses.

People were excited, over 300 of them went home with special prizes and 15% of the people that used Zoniz during this event shared content within the app on their Facebook pages. You can register yourself in the app directly with your Facebook account which makes it really easy to Like and Share in app info, vouchers and contest.

All in all, Zoniz is suitable for all kind of events, even ones that are spread throughout an entire city, because the user will receive information on his smartphone depending on the place he is in and the categories he is interested in. You can set your own categories and the user can select the ones he is curious about.

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