Zoniz @ Transilvania International Film Festival

“Transilvania International Film Festival is a well-known brand in Romania, not only due to the outstanding films screened every year, but also for the effective organization, sparkling atmosphere and density of events, from seminars, workshops and panels to fabulous concerts and crazy all night long parties.”

This was the third public event Zoniz Proximity was part of and the first artistic festival in the country that utilized beacons for reaching out to the participants and movie enthusiasts.

During this 14th edition of the festival, the Zoniz app included various content, specially created for TIFF. Contests and promotions organized by festival sponsors, information about the movies and concerts, along with the festival schedule, were available throughout the festival territory.

The event took place in several cinemas, bars and public squares from Cluj-Napoca and in the city surroundings. The app users received relevant content on their smartphones and tablets, depending on the place they chose to attend the movie projections.

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The in-app social media module made it possible for the users to Like and Share their favorite campaigns on their personal pages, thus distributing valuable content and inviting their friends and followers to download the app and participate in the event.

More than 50 beacons were used during this event and nearly 500 prizes were awarded to people who participated in the Zoniz exclusive contests.

This entire initiative was highly appreciated both by cinephiles, who received information exactly where needed, and tech enthusiasts who were delighted to discover this new beacon technology at TIFF. By attending this event, we have proven ourselves once again that proximity marketing suits such a wide range of industries, including this one – fine arts and cinema.

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