The biggest Romanian music festival is using beacons to promote its historical ground

The first treasure hunt with beacons held on a historical site during a music festival took place during the 25th – 28th of June at Electric Castle. The past of a castle, present day entertainment and the future of marketing were merged into an exceptional experience for the user. Held on the domain of Bánffy Castle, Electric Castle Festival wants to be more than a concert extension and tries to offer a full experience to the participants by creating a mix between the unique location, filled with beauty and history, all day round urban activities and a large variety of electronic music. Even from its first edition, one of the purposes of this festival was to raise funds and awareness on this 16th century historical ground.

The Treasure Hunt feature was recently implemented into the Zoniz proximity app and the idea of putting it to a test at Romania’s biggest electronic music festival was complemented by Andi Vanca, the Public Relations Coordinator of the festival:
“Interacting with Zoniz was a unique experience both for us and for the festival participants. This treasure hunt was the perfect opportunity to combine the history of this monument with a casual and interactive activity for the public. In addition, the app had numerous vouchers and competitions sponsored by the festival partners!”

The concept of the treasure hunt was simple: Discover the history of the castle and win official festival merchandise. Seven buildings from the historical site were chosen to be part of the circuit. The clues for each step consisted of short riddles. By answering the riddle, the user got to move forward to the next location, where the assigned beacon broadcasted information about the building’s history and the clue for the next step. iBeacons were placed on the entire festival ground guiding the participants to the first step of the treasure hunt.

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The feedback from the users was great. It was a win-win situation for each side involved: the app got more than 1000 downloads in 4 days and the castle’s story got promoted in an interactive way.
The potential of beacon technology is tremendous, and by using it for entertainment, rather than marketing, the app got to reach a new niche market.

Official Electric Castle video 2015:

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