Zoniz Proximity Campaign @ AFI Palace Cotroceni

AFI Palace Cotroceni is one of the largest shopping centers in Romania, with 214.000 square meters and over 380 stores. It is also the first mall in the country to implement beacon technology.

Nine stores joined the project, including Starbucks, Collective, Sephora, Calvin Klein Jeans and Otter, offering special promotions, available only in the Zoniz app. The campaign lasted between the 23th and 31st of July and was inaugurated with a press conference and a live presentation of the Zoniz platform. This entire launching event generated more than 100 articles and endorsements in the Romanian and foreign press, on blogs, in magazines and TV
This campaign’s aim was to enable stores to create unique experiences and interact with the visitors of the mall in a more special way than before. New technology is always appealing to the public and in a period of 8 days the app got 1275 downloads

. Offers within the app got 1400 de views. The content of the offer had direct influence upon the success of the campaigns
51% of the collected vouchers were from Starbucks (1+1 free)
33% of the collected vouchers were from Collective (50% off on every product)
An attractive discount ensures not only a large number of participants, but also social media exposure, in some campaigns the user having to share the offer on his Facebook page in order to receive the voucher on his phone. The reach of the campaigns shared in social media was of over 6000 campaign exposures.

Through ZONIZ the stores from AFI Palace increased their engagement with potential clients up to 25% without any further promotional effort. ZONIZ generated increased visitor traffic in the stores and a clear increase in sales: 26 clients in a week meaning approximately 100 new clients a month. All the participating stores received real time statistics and details about their clients (first name, last name, age, city, email, etc.) to use for future newsletters or promotional offers.

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