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IMWorld is one of the most important profile events at a regional level which has consolidated its position by continuously evolving compared to previous editions, the large number of participants, the value of the speakers and all the other elements that define the breadth and quality of this event. It most certainly makes a difference on the market because it creates opportunities on several levels: exchange of know-how from speaker to audience, the possibility of creating partnerships between participating companies and networking.

In this year’s IMWorld edition, Zoniz presented beacons and the way this technology is revolutionizing the brand-consumer interaction by using physical locations. Zoniz, the proximity-based mobile marketing solution developed by Global E Business Solutions, uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to offer customized, professional solutions based on the client’s particular needs.
We started implementing the first large projects of this type in Romania and we offered some aspects and examples of how brands can innovate and surprise their target by using beacon technology. Nowadays companies and consumers are very open to innovative business, as long as they understand exactly what their benefits are and how the implementation of that solution / technology transforms business positively.

Our focus is directed towards providing an integrated platform that completes the communication strategy of omnichannel brands present in social media, through beacon technology. We are currently counting on the app model where the pattern of business and content is generated by users (facebook, youtube, Uber, Airbnb, blablacar, etc). The impact of this kind of applications built on a multiuser platform is greater than the one of monobrand applications. The competition for reaching the end user is high and after all why would someone use 20 different apps when he could use only one that integrates all the others?

By joining this event we managed to create partnerships with other conference participants, to increase awareness about the Zoniz platform and see the latest IT trends in the Central and Eastern European IT market.

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