Driving client engagement through digital signage

Digital signage integration is the latest Zoniz feature and it basically provides an extra screen for reaching out to customers, based on location.
The Zoniz free app delivers suitable content to your potential client’s mobile device and to the digital displays near him, in order to catch his or her attention with personalized messages. For example, when the user walks by a Zoniz digital screen, a personalized message containing his name will be displayed:
“Hello Michael! Visit ACME and get 20% discount on your favorite items!”

In-store traffic driven by beacons and digital signage is a novelty that is proven itself to be very attractive both for businesses and consumers. The platform is easy to use and will automatically develop a database, providing the brand that is using it with a wide range of valuable customer data such as demographics, purchase history and buying patterns. The collected data can then be used to create relevant content that will be sent out to the customer’s smartphone and to the digital signage that surrounds him.

Proximity digital signage allows you to leverage beacon-triggered information in order to provide highly targeted messages that will attract customers in your store without them even having to use their phone. It’s enough for the customer to pass by digital screen with his phone in his pocket, for Zoniz to recognize the user, generate a promotional offer and display it on the screen.
By delivering personalized messages expressly addressed to the potential client, directly on his mobile device and to the digital sign displays in his closeness, his desire to buy the featured products is more likely to arise then by using any other traditional marketing method.

The Zoniz digital signage – beacon integration was launched on the 4th of February at the Samsung Smart Trends Hub, event that brought together the latest technologies designed to improve and personalize the shopping experience. The most recent digital innovations meant to modernize interaction between clients and brands were gathered under the slogan “Leading the retail revolution”, providing a great opportunity for idea exchange and for laying the foundation of future partnerships.

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