The covid-19 pandemic put the entire world in a health crisis, which affected all our daily lives. Our main responsibility has become isolation and social distancing. There have been many changes made and many yet to come and the way that businesses or municipalities are communicating is one of them. Two different interactive apps based on Zoniz platform took different approaches in handling it.

Information and Updates

e-alba iulia is an app managed by the municipality of Alba Iulia in Romania. The app has been initially created to promote touristic attractions and subsequently the municipality used it to share news and events with the citizens.

As covid-19 has began spreading through Romania in March, users of e-alba iulia started receiving important information about new policies, schedule changes for different institutions and public transportation, or measures taken by the municipality. Their main goal in using the app has been to keep citizens informed and updated about the situation.

Screenshots e-alba iulia app
Info campaigns on e-alba iulia during coronavirus crisis

Out of all the info campaigns created during this period, the one that drew the most attention from the citizens is one expressing the Decisions of the Local Committee for Emergency Situations. This shows that people are very interested in the measures taken by the municipality and how it affects their lives.


Another app based on Zoniz platform is Sona, in Faroe Islands. Sona is an engagement app that features competitions, events, touristic attractions, restaurants or bus routes.

During the spread of the covid-19 disease, Sona has decided to take a more light-hearted approach and help people take their minds off the main problem for a bit. They did create a campaign for Coronvirus information and updates linking to the official landing page created by the Government of Faroe Islands.

But keeping a good morale for people in these times is also very important, so a series of concerts have been transformed into online events, through live streaming. Sona has created event campaigns for each of them, with links towards the live streaming videos. And to start off the month of April, they have created a fun photo contest. People have the possibility of entering one photo of how they spend their time right now to have the possibility of being one of the 5 winners to get a box of Cadbury chocolate cream eggs. Participants have submitted photos of puzzles they are solving, how they are learning to knit, their children painting and so much more.

Two screenshots of Sona app
Screenshots of Sona app during the Coronavirus crisis

Relevant communication has always been our main focus. Most of the times, the location determines relevancy. But in some cases, like the one we are facing today, communicating at the right time is the key.  Using Zoniz platform, municipalities and businesses can use interactive mobile apps to keep in touch with their audiences.

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