Two of the most important Romanian music festivals took the opportunity to create new experiences for their visitors by using an interactive app. Electric Castle and Untold used Zoniz proximity platform in two different ways.

Treasure Hunt at Electric Castle

We first implemented our new treasure hunt feature on Zoniz platform in 2015 at Electric Castle. The music festival takes place on the domain of Banffy Castle in Bonțida, Romania. The castle is a Renaissance architectural ensemble built by the Banffy family, with great historic value, but in a precarious condition. Electric Castle tries to support the conservation and restoration of the monument.

Part of the Banffy Castle
Part of the Banffy Castle that was included in the treasure hunt by Electric Castle and Zoniz


We partnered up with Electric Castle to create a new activity for the festival’s visitors on Zoniz Proximity Platform. The main objective for the treasure hunt was to raise awareness about Banffy Castle as a historical and cultural site.  It was also taken into consideration the possibility to raise funds for the castle’s restoration in an engaging way.


We had the task to create the treasure hunt and implement it using beacons and Zoniz platform. For each of the 7 steps, we created content in the CMS to be delivered in the interactive app. The user had to arrive at the right location (in the proximity of the beacon) in order to receive it. Before the festival, we installed the beacons on the castle’s grounds. We tested and configured the beacons an entire afternoon, making sure that the treasure hunt messages would appear at just the right time. The next couple of days we also took the Electric Castle organizers on the quest to see if we had to make any further adjustments.

The Electric Castle campaigns
The Electric Castle quests on the app

Visitors had to find the 7 buildings of the Banffy Castle by installing the mobile app and receiving riddles while they were at the festival location. By answering the riddle, the user could move forward to the next location. When arriving at the right place, they would get information about the building’s history and the clue for the next step. On the entire festival ground there were placed beacons, guiding participants to each step of the treasure hunt. People found out more about the castle’s history in a fun and interactive way. The treasure hunt would end at the Zoniz stand where the participants won free EC merchandise.

I eat your wheat and give you flour
Grinding is my superpower.
I’ll be waiting for you outside the castle walls,
There’s a party inside of me as the night falls

The treasure hunt riddle for The Mill building

Besides the treasure hunt, the app also featured a tour of activities with the festival partners. These would appear in the app based on the user’s location. The tour consisted in vouchers for food, drinks, coffee, t-shirts, promotions of the partners’ activities at the festival and so on.

Promoters helping visitors at Electric Castle festival
Promoters helping visitors at Electric Castle installing Zoniz app. The festival is famous for rainy days and a lot of mud.


Electric Castle featured the treasure hunt with Zoniz in their printed schedule and in the app. We had a stand at the festival which was also the point where the participants could pick up their treasure hunt prizes. A team of promoters informed people about the treasure hunt and help them get started.


The campaign we created on the Zoniz platform with Electric Castle offered a full experience for the visitors, filled with history and all-day festival activities through an interactive app. There was a total of 1000 downloads in 4 days and 2000 campaign views. Among those who entered it, 86% completed the treasure hunt. Out of those who finished, 36% shared it on their social media.  For the partners quest there was a 48% participation rate and 30% recommendations on Facebook.

Zoniz at Untold

In 2017 Telekom Romania wanted to implement a fun and engaging Wi-Fi based campaign to enhance the experience at the largest music festival in Romania: Untold. We had the perfect solution to complement their services. We have joined Telekom to create a proximity based campaign through Wi-Fi on the Zoniz platform.


The main goal for this campaign was to raise brand awareness for Telekom among festival participants and increase the Telekom’s database for potential clients. We also wanted to implement a unique interactive promotion for a Romanian festival, to complete the festival experience for visitors and reward them with prizes.


We provided the proximity technology on the festival site, the platform for content creation and real-time statistics generated for each campaign. Telekom organizers created interactive campaigns and delivered them through Wi-Fi. When connecting to Telekom Netliberare wireless network, visitors were redirected to a portal on a browser. The portal included useful information, polls about Telekom brand and contests with guaranteed prizes.

One of the campaigns was a virtual scratch off ticket that included 5000 prizes for the participants including sunglasses, tattoos, T-shirts, tote bags, hats, caps, beach mats and hair accessories. There was a 52% participation rate from those who saw the ticket. Another one was a poll campaign where the brand could get feedback on the spot from the audience at the festival. There were a total of 14 surveys and the people who would answer them would receive vouchers with small rewards. There was a 35% engagement rate and over 1000 winners. This type of campaign helped the brand improve their future festival activities. There was also a map with the Telekom areas in the festival and 8 info campaigns.

Telekom campaigns at Untold
Two of Telekom’s campaigns with Zoniz at Untold: scratch card ticket and poll


With this interactive app campaign, Telekom managed to stay visible for the entire 4 festival days. They also got important feedback from their audience. By the end of the festival there were a total of 60.000 campaign views, 40.000 unique visitors, 5000 prize winners and also 5000 number of contacts collected in the database. The average time spent on Zoniz portal was 6:44 minutes.

There are many ways to use proximity apps to enhance the events experience. We found different engagement solutions for Electric Castle and Untold to suit the needs of each of them, using the same Zoniz proximity platform.

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