We have used our Zoniz app in many different types of campaigns, and among them, the treasure hunt is one of the most engaging. This feature works by connecting various types of templates within the platform. This is why it is highly customizable, so every treasure hunt we create is unique.

Zoniz proximity platform is based on beacon technology and sends notifications to the users’ phone depending on their position. This is very helpful when it comes to treasure hunts, because the user only receives content when they are in the right location. Unlike regular campaigns, the treasure hunt steps have to be completed in a certain order.

Discover Cluj

Discover Cluj was a multi-brand campaign we have created for the city of Cluj-Napoca in 2016. We tried to combine the culture and history of the city with attractive promotions offered by the citizens’ favorite brands.


Through this treasure hunt we wanted to facilitate access to information both for tourists and for citizens in Cluj. We also wanted to implement a creative and interactive campaign to promote the city.

Because at that time Cluj-Napoca was in the race for the title of Cultural European Capital, we wanted to contribute to the local efforts by implementing a modern system of promotion among tourists.

Finally, our goal was to offer local brands the possibility to create an interactive relationship with tourists and citizens.

The treasure hunt

To participate in Discover Cluj Treasure Hunt,  people downloaded and installed Zoniz app on their phones and turn their Bluetooth on. Then, they could start exploring the city. They had to find a monument and when they were in front of it, they could find useful information about it on the app. This would also unlock the clue that would take them to the next step of the hunt. Following the steps, the user would uncover Cluj’s history.

Discover Cluj campaigns

Inside the app there were also promotions for local brands. For example, they could buy 1 coffee from Olivo to get 1 coffee for free, they could check-in at Rod restaurant and get a 25% off voucher or they could buy a massage and get a free spa entry at City Plaza Hotel.


We have promoted Discover Cluj both online and offline. We had posts on social platforms, layouts in the written media, radio spots, different articles that appeared on news websites, our own newsletter and shares for the contents inside the campaign. In addition, we had big banners in the most circulated spots in the city.

Discover Cluj banner

Our project Discover Cluj helped us win The Best Smart City Involvement prize at Tech Industry Awards at TechFest Romania in 2016.

Electric Castle

We have successfully used our interactive app at festivals and our very first implementation of the treasure hunt feature was at Electric Castle in 2015. The music festival takes place on the Banffy Castle domain. The objective of the treasure hunt was to raise awareness about the castle as a historical and cultural site.

The visitors at the festival could use the app to find 7 buildings of the Banffy Castle. For each building there was a small poem representing a clue. The users would have to answer the riddle, find the building and unlock the next poem. The final step of the hunt would take the visitors at the Zoniz stand. As a reward for completing all the steps, they received EC merchandise gifts.

The campaign was featured in Electric Castle’s printed schedule and app and we also had a stand and promoters on the location. The treasure hunt helped enhance the visitors’ experience at the festival with a fun activity and also promote a cultural site.

Treasure Hunt at Electric Castle banner

Food Waste Combat

Food Waste Combat is a project in Cluj-Napoca determined to fight against food waste. In 2018 Zoniz joined them to create a treasure hunt, as part of a series of themed events during an entire week.

The treasure hunt could be accessed on Zoniz app and it took the participants on a journey around the city, where they could discover and take home various ingredients (fruits and vegetables) that were unappealing in how they looked, but still delicious and good for human consumption. This type of “ugly” produce is often removed from the supermarkets’ shelves, although it could still be eaten. Through the treasure hunt, Food Waste Combat wanted to raise awareness about this issue and encourage people to still buy and eat food that does not look perfect.

The event was advertised on social media, in the news and offline posters.


Coresi Shopping Resort from Brașov implemented Zoniz platform in December 2016. Different brands inside the mall used Zoniz to interact with their customers, but Coresi itself also had a few campaigns of its own on our proximity platform. Among them was a treasure hunt created for the mall’s 2 year anniversary. The big prizes of the hunt were 10 tickets to Untold festival.

Treasure Hunt at Coresi campaign

Zoniz’s treasure hunt feature is a great way to use gamification to engage people and create a unique experience. But there are many other creative ways to use it, for example as the base for a guided tour of a city, a museum or an expo event.

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