Our interactive app Sona was used in Faroe Islands for enhancing the experience of local events: music festivals, sport competitions, international events or traditional holidays.

Sona is the perfect engagement tool for event organizers because it offers the possibility to send relevant content to visitors. The messages will arrive both at the right location (music festivals) and at the right time (championships, holidays).

Music Festivals

G! Festival is a very popular music festival that takes place in the islands in July. Sona app features an events calendar, that was very useful to display all the festival activities in one place. People could access all the information they needed: date, time and location, for each activity.

In their first edition after the app launched, G! Festival organized a photo contest in which the prizes were free 4 day passes for next year’s edition. Since it is one of the most popular events in Faroe Islands, people where excited to participate. All they had to do was take photos from the festival and submit them directly through the app. The organizers could select the winners from Zoniz platform. This campaign lasted for 11 days and had a 74% participation rate. Because it was so successful, a similar contest was organized the following year as well.

festival concert
The winner of the G! Festival Photo Contest in 2019

In 2019 another popular music festival has joined Sona app: Summer Festival. People were able to access a general schedule and information about tickets, but also individual campaigns for each concert with info about the time and location and also a short history of the singer or the band. In addition to this, people could also find all the info they needed about: access points, wristbands, tents, night buses and maps for the festival area. There were also three contests on the app: one before the event where people had to review Sona’s Facebook page and invite a friend (the prizes were free passes to the festival), a feedback poll and a photo competition during the event (the prizes were passes for next year’s edition).

Sona at Summer Festival promo image
Marketing campaign for the collaboration between Summer Festival and Sona

International events and sport competitions

Football is very popular in Faroe Islands. 60% of those who play sports in the islands choose football. During UEFA Champions League in 2018, before each match, people could access the app and vote in a poll for who they thought was going to win the game. From those who got it right, there was a winner chosen by a draw made inside the Zoniz platform.

A few months later, during FIFA World Cup, the polls were back again. This time, due to 3rd party integrations, people were also able to access rankings and live scoring. There were 64 matches and the person who guessed the most, Jann Benjaminsen with 43 guesses, won a package trip for two (with flight and accommodation included) to a Premier League game. There were also a lot of other weekly winners that received trips, gift cards and other prizes. The polls had around 700 daily participants during an entire month.

Because these campaigns were so popular, they were implemented again during Faroe Islands Premier League 2019, with the big prize being a trip to New York.

woman handing man envelope
Jann Benjaminsen, the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2018 competition on Sona, receiving his prize

Burn Showdown is an event that brings in 350 athletes from countries all around the world to participate in more than 20 contests like arm wrestling, cross fit, weightlifting or bodybuilding. There were a few different campaigns on Sona app during the event, but the most innovative of all was a competition that allowed people to see Augmented Reality objects through the app by pointing their camera at a marker on the floor. The campaigns appeared on a span of two weeks and they had 30% of users access them.

AR campaign
The AR campaign on Sona during Burn Showdown


One of the first successful engagement campaigns was created in collaboration with Cadbury. During Easter 2018, right after Sona was launched, they have created an egg hunt promoting Cadbury’s famous chocolate cream eggs. People got the possibility of accessing scratch off tickets and the prizes consisted of boxes with 48 chocolate eggs each. People received push notifications with the campaign based on their location and they had to choose the Participate option in the app. Then, they had to slide their finger of the scratch area on the phone to see if they won a box. The duration of this campaign was of one week and it had a 56% participation rate. Many users also shared it on their social media accounts, which contributed to organically spreading the word about the app and making it popular in the islands.

Cadbury campaigns
The Easter egg hunt with Cadbury – campaign and scratch off ticket

In the first 24 days of December 2018, traditional advent calendars took a new form in the Sona app. Each day users received a scratch off ticket with different prizes. People had the opportunity to win boxes of chocolates, soft drinks, hairdresser products, clothes, accessories, toys, passes to Summer Festival and a lot of gift cards. There were over 1000 daily participants.

During events it is important to keep in touch with your audience and engage them. Zoniz Proximity Platform offers a lot of out-of-the-box templates and  functionalities to help you enhance your visitors’ experience and keep them informed.

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