Sona is an interactive app in Faroe Islands based on Zoniz Proximity Platform. People all over the islands are using Sona to engage with institutions, organizations and businesses in many different ways. One of the most successful engagement tools have been polls. They have been used for trivia contests, football votes and even political campaigns.

Trivia Competition

On February 6th 2020, Sona has released a fun trivia competition for all users in Faroe Islands. Each day, there would be a question that they would have to answer within a poll, for a total of 10 days straight. The person who would be able to answer most of them correctly, would win a 1000 kr voucher for a chain of restaurants. The questions were all about Faroe Islands and they had multiple possible answers. Within the poll campaign, people had to pick the one they though was correct and vote. At the end of the campaign, the users also received the right answers.

Screenshot of poll campaign on Sona
Screenshot of trivia campaign on Sona

The polls had a very high engagement rate. There was an average of 80% votes out of the users which have accessed the campaigns for each of the ten questions.

Football Polls

People is Faroe Islands love football, so every year they are eager to participate in the excitement of every championship on the islands, either UEFA, FIFA or Faroe Islands Premier League. One of the most successful features on Sona since its beginnings have been the football polls where people can vote who they think would win each match. Sona organized competitions to reward those who had the most correct answers, or to randomly draw a winner directly from Zoniz platform. People’s votes would be added into a tally and they would all be able to access it in a predictor feature.

Sona app screenshots
Ratings and voting features in Sona app

Polls are a simple and interactive way to get in touch with people. They can be used as a method of getting feedback, to collect opinions on certain subjects or even for rating a product. Zoniz platform offers a variety of engagement templates to be used in creative ways.

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