After developing the new order features on our proximity platform Zoniz, we have decided to test them in real life and implement them in a pilot project in our home town Cluj-Napoca. We started out featuring one restaurant, District Of Toast (DOT). They were already using a POS System from Ebriza and to make things easier for the employees, we have decided to partner up and integrate Zoniz platform with Ebriza, as a compatible extension.

How does it work?

Before implementing Zoniz, customers would order at the waiter, who would then open up a table in Ebriza’s system and select the products the customer asked for. The request for products would be then sent into the kitchen or bar so that they could get prepared.

As we integrated Ebriza with Zoniz app, the customers would now have direct access to the menu on their phone. They could create the order themselves and as they scanned a QR code (which indicated the table they were sitting at), the table would automatically open in Ebriza and the order would be send to the kitchen and bar. Thus, the step of the customer interacting with the waiter would be skipped.

Tablet with Ebriza POS system
Ebriza’s POS system

The real-life experience

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, reduced interaction between customer and waiter is a welcomed safety measure, thus this integration has helped DOT’s management better protect both their guests and employees. But it also makes the entire process much faster, as the customer can now create the order right upon arrival at the restaurant, leaving the waiter with more time to focus on his customer service.

Screenshots on Zoniz app
District Of Toast’s menu on Zoniz app

Because of the integration with Ebriza’s POS System which the DOT employees were already using, they got used to the new workflow very quickly, with minimal training necessary.

As we continue our partnership with Ebriza, we are looking forward to implement this integration in more restaurants, but also work together to discover new and more efficient ways to make the hospitality industry make the shift towards new ways of making business.

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