In 2018 we have launched the mobile app Sona in Faroe Islands. Sona is a white label solution of Zoniz Proximity Platform and it caught on exclusively through word of mouth marketing. One year after its release, the number of downloads represented 70% of Faroe Islands’ population.

At the beginning of 2020 we have released a new and improved version of the popular app. This update came with big and small changes, from the overall look, to new features.

New Design and Micro-universes

The new design of the app consists of an all-white look, sleeker and more modern to make the content stand out.

Updated events page, homepage and search functionality on Sona mobile app

One of the most important new features are the Micro-Universes. We have created one for every municipality in Faroe Islands. Each Micro-Universe appears for the user only when he is in that particular location. It’s like the town has an app within the Sona app, where the municipality can have their very own campaigns and the user can see them all in one place. The Micro-Universe is very practical, because each municipality can manage their own content and it helps the user find what they are looking for way easier.

Focus on location

Zoniz is all about proximity, but with this new update, location takes center stage. One new functionality is the zone selection. The user can actually pick a different location than the one they are in to see the content there. This can be very helpful for tourists planning their next visit. When the zone changes, all the other features in the app adapt, like the weather or the events calendar.

We also improved the Nearby feature in the app. When clicking on it, the users will see a map and the possibility to select a category. The users can choose places, food or events and the map zooms in to their surroundings, allowing them to see points of interest, restaurants or events around them. When clicking on an icon on the map, it will take them directly to the campaign.

Three screenshots of the Sona mobile app
Zone selection, Nearby places and a campaign on the updated Sona mobile app.

If you are in Faroe Islands or planning to visit, you can download the Sona mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

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