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Create relevant content and personalize it for user engagement, in the proximity of your location. With new experiences to discover every day, people will connect more with nearby monuments, buildings, events or activities in the city.

Each template is customizable and highly interactive. It offers multiple sizes, content managers (photo, HTML, text, date, location, buttons) and statistics report. Winners can be picked randomly or manually directly from Zoniz database, without any additional programs.

info template


Inform and engage! Make sure important information is accessible for everyone through Zoniz. Deliver relevant content in order to communicate more easily with people
in any location.

  • Features:
  • Location On/Off
  • Configurable location details


Keep it entertaining and promote your local events through a mobile app. Your audience will find all the details they need in one place: date, time, location and even an integrated map to help them find they way. All events will be displayed in a Calendar view.

  • Features:
  • Configurable dates and time
  • Configurable location details
event template
video template


Enhance your communication and connect with your audience using a video campaign. Videos are highly engaging and develop an emotional connection with viewers. Transform a basic campaign into an effective one using videos to catch
people's attention.

  • Features:
  • Video link included


Change a customer into a loyal client! Reward your customers by offering them prizes each time they visit a certain location. They can collect points by scanning the QR code of the campaign and receive a point in return. People are highly engaged to complete all the points and prizes are an appreciation for their loyalty.

  • Features:
  • Configurable prizes
  • Configurable number of stamps
    to get the prize
loyalty template
scratch template


Surprise your visitors with gifts! They can slide their finger over the screen section with 'Scratch here' written on it and you reward them with discounts or prizes. By using this interactive campaign, people will be curious to find out if they were lucky winners.

  • Features:
  • Lucky / Unlucky tickets
  • Configurable prizes


Encourage users to actively interact with your brand/company. Offer them exclusive discounts and special offers using voucher validation. This way, you can increase your in-store sales and bring more people to your location.

  • Features:
  • Configurable discounts
  • Configurable number of
    giveaway vouchers
voucher template
picture contest template


Engage people with a fun contest! It will make them get creative for rewarding vouchers and prizes, in exchange for sharing a picture. Using Zoniz, they can participate by taking a photo on the spot with their phone or uploading one from the phone gallery.

  • Features:
  • Social media sharing
  • Configurable prizes or
    discount vouchers


Reward your customers with a quick contest! Contests can be easily organized with any kind of template to promote your services or products in a fun way. Get creative with your campaign through effective photos and engaging content. Winners can be picked random directly from the platform or selected based on their photo submission

  • Features:
  • Social media sharing
  • Configurable prizes or
    discount vouchers
contest template
poll template


Get feedback from your customers! Their feedback is valuable for a business or institution to improve constantly. Find out their thoughts with accessible surveys on Zoniz mobile app and reward them for their feedback.

  • Features:
  • Configurable number of poll answers

TREASURE HUNT / GUIDED TOUR (exclusive in the mobile app)

Engage your audience with an interactive game! Let them discover treasures through a fun and entertaining series of campaigns. All the campaigns are connected between them and redirect to another campaign, leading to a point where people win prizes for their circuit. This mobile engagement feature works only with beacons.

  • Features:
  • Guided tour creation with
    multiple templates
  • Configurable prizes or
    discount vouchers
guided tour template


Get to know your customers! The form template will allow you to collect data from people and keep them up-to-date with events and news about your products or services, send them specific campaigns they're interested in or reward them for their loyalty with discount vouchers.

  • Features:
  • Configurable form details
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