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Proximity Engagement Platform

Depending on our client’s needs and preferences, Zoniz ensures that our solution is implemented promptly across multiple locations and our services delivered fast.

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Content &

Content Management

Our Content Management System is a boon for the creation and modification of digital content by multiple users in a collaborative environment. The entire process is further optimized by the highly responsive nature of the platform and its many default templates.

Proximity Management

Choose the locations for your campaigns and modify them along the way so that you can reach new audiences exactly when and where needed. Instruments of communication can be combined between beacons, GPS and wireless networks for perfect execution.

Support & Training

Our team will provide all the knowledge you need in order to get you started! Besides this, our professional assistance which includes extensive training sessions and a detailed user manual will guide you every step of the way- from technical support to content creation and more.

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& Analytics

Business Intelligence

Evaluate data, courtesy of Zoniz, in order to determine and assess future marketing and business trends, boost profits and streamline resource management (sales revenue, products, costs and incomes).


Take advantage of our analytics module to determine the outcomes of your campaigns and guide decisions for future investments and retargeting. Our incisive analytics provides actionable information regarding demographic studies, customer segmentation and much more.

IBM Watson

Use the powerful combination of Zoniz and Watson to learn more about your clients and what drives them. IBM Watson is a smart data analysis and visualization service which, along with Zoniz, can be used to discover patterns and its implications from your collected data.

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White Label
& Integrations


The Zoniz set of software development tools allows you to create derived products or an exponentially enriched version of your current app or platform with other advanced functionalities such as: push notifications, engagement driving content and much more.

White Label

With us, you are the first priority. If need be, we can even rebrand the Zoniz App in a very short period of time to match your own distinctive label. You will get to have an out-of-the-box tool and use it as your very own personal service, consistent with your brand trademark.


Zoniz’s social network platform integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will help you extend your brand reach to great lengths while generating explosive social media exposure. We can also discuss other types of system integrations on demand.

We Explore & Evolve

Owing to our relentless research on global digital trends, we have managed to create a product that is highly appreciated by renowned brands from all over the world. Besides, we are constantly adding new features to the platform, as per the need of our clients or added through our own initiative.

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