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Smart Buildings

Designing a Superior Experience With a Boost of Efficiency

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What We Offer

The Zoniz Smart Building Solution has the potential to completely revolutionize life inside a building.
Take a glance at the 6 utmost components of our platform, which we believe, are must-haves for any urban structure.

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Navigation & Positioning

With our advanced solution, nobody will ever lose their way inside your smart building. Sensors installed in and around the area allow indoor navigation throughout the building and helps locate anyone inside.

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Contextual Information

Depending on where you are at the moment and what it is that you are seeking, information found to be the most pertinent to you will be displayed on the app.

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Struggling to manage copious amounts of data? With Zoniz, the sensors and devices in the building will be interconnected using WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy, making data management easier than ever before.

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Admin Panel

More power to the admin panel! Our web application lets the designated building administrator adjust the building configurations as seen fit, create and manage content for the mobile app and access building analytics to keep track of everything.

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Connected App

Our solution makes the lives of everyone in the building much easier. Both the mobile app and smart watch app extension is available for building employees to facilitate all sorts of office activities- from the daily parking to organizing high stakes meetings.

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Parking Sensors

With our sensors, parking will never be a hassle again. These detect free parking spaces for easy access and better management of your smart building.

Usage Guide for Smart Buildings

We offer a solution that helps buildings become more insightful, personalized, healthy and effective.
Here are a few use cases.

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Smart Parking

Right at the parking entrance, the mobile app assigns you the perfect parking spot, without you having to do any of the tiring searching. Simply use your phone to open the gate and park your vehicle in a jiffy. Once you do so, the spot becomes unavailable to the other drivers who use the application. Lastly, mark your parking spot on the map and our app will remember it for you and lead you to it when you are about to leave.

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Office Environment

There is nothing like a great office environment to get the ball rolling! This module will allow the building administration to achieve optimum levels of comfort for everyone in the office while decreasing energy consumption. Anybody in the building can adjust the light and temperature of their workspace and save the preferred settings

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Workspace Collaboration

Collaboration in the workspace, with our app, is a smooth ride. The dashboard shows room availability and users can book a meeting room or a working space based on their needs. Employees are always kept up to date with every meeting of interest and can access documents, add annotations, search documents and share it with others. Employees can also set an availability status to their workspace to keep it locked.

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Office Community

Allow us to help you make great teams and create magic. Employees can use our app to post announcements, browse the company???s employee directory, contact employees by any chosen mode, view their status and location, and of course, create, announce and invite other employees to events in the building, after-work parties and more.

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Fitness & Productivity

Physical wellbeing can never be overstated. Increase health and fitness in the building by encouraging employees to be active even during hectic workdays. Create walking paths for meetings and provide incentives and rewards for employees to choose healthier alternatives such as taking the stairs, coming to work by bike etc.

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Building Information

Our building solution can work wonders for your business. Sensor data, contextual data, user input and all other types of data from the app is transformed into actionable insights that allow building management to adapt and optimize building processes.

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Indoor navigation

Streamline processes everywhere in the building! With indoor positioning systems, office employees can save time finding what they are looking for- a colleague or a meeting room- and organizations can deliver location-triggered content.

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Insights and analytics

Get all the analytical data you need in one place and learn what can be done better to improve performance throughout the building.

For more integrations and use cases please

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