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Zoniz SmartCity Platform

Our modern and sustainable communication infrastructure is aimed to activate smart cities and improve the quality of life in urban areas by leaps and bounds.

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Innovative Technology

Zoniz, with its originality and sheer effectiveness, is an industry leader in cutting edge solution technology.

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Highly Scalable

Zoniz has the capacity to adapt and grow along the way, depending on the number of users and amount of workload.

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Social Media Integrations

Any social network including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can be integrated to the solution at our client’s request.

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Big Data Analytics

Sorting and analysing large amounts of data is easier with Zoniz. Discover correlations and patterns and make best decisions for your business.

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Flexible Architecture

The adaptable and responsive architecture of our software is designed to grow and perfectly adjust to your requirements.

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Eco Friendly

Protect the environment by choosing our digital solution. No more printed vouchers and brochures mean no more wasted paper.

Areas of expertise

Our platform is suitable for the following areas,but it can also be adapted to suit new prospects as well.

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Passenger counter designed to avoid congestion in public transports;
Live GPS fleet tracking for better scheduling and time management.

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Gamification of any event- design personalized circuits, games or treasure hunts in the mobile app to create a rising anticipation among participants for the event as well as break the ice by providing fun opportunities for socialization.

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Opinion polls to get authentic feedback from citizens and reward systems to thank them for their cooperation;
Informative user demographics and a complete database of your audience;
Opportunity to create personalized campaigns retargeting citizens using information from Zoniz.

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Educational Institutions

Navigational guidance throughout university campuses;
Push notifications for students and other types of announcements;
Opinion polls and the option to offer different rewards.

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Navigation, directions, statistics and heat maps for airports;
The opportunity to create digital tours, enhancing the experience by sending contextual information about tourist attractions;
Provides information about activities being carried out in or near the visited locations.

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The ability to send visitors welcome messages, discount coupons for sports merchandise or any other content, exclusively for the ones present at the stadium;
Customized directions for visitors to find places assigned to them on the location;
Identifies agglomeration points and manages traffic at the stadium.

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Organizing circuits and enhancing the visitor experience with additional information about the displayed artefacts;
Simplifies guided audio tours by providing location-based information;
The option to reward visitors based on their number of visits.

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Commercial Centers

Loyalty programs to keep customers coming back;
Discount vouchers and easy contest management;
Heatmaps for the rush hours;
Navigation and pathfinder throughout the commercial center.

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Automatic registration for participants;
Navigational services with indoor maps and customized directions based on user’s location;
Promotions and useful information;
Data on visitor behaviour including points of interest using our statistical tools.

Build your own personalised solution

Our development and integration services offer you the option to upgrade your present solution using elements from Zoniz or even create your own exclusive software.


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User Databases

Get access to valuable information about the citizens and tourists who have interacted with Zoniz.

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Social Media Exposure

Boost the popularity of your city with the undeniable pull of social media exposure.

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Statistics & Reports

Get detailed reports and real time statistics about the activities that take place on the platform.

Smart City Case Studies

e-Alba Iulia is a white label product powered by Zoniz and it is aimed to improve tourism and the quality of life in Alba Iulia, the historical capital of Romania and the biggest citadel in the country. Through this platform, the municipality Alba Iulia improved communication with citizens and tourists by connecting the urban environment to the digital world, thus creating unique experiences for users.

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