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Engagement Hub

Zoniz connects multiple systems together and creates an engagement experience for the end user. The platform is integrated into the cloud and helps you personalize the content through multiple channels.

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Content &

Content Management

Our Content Management System is an open platform for multiple users. The content of the platform can be optimized according to its multiple templates and what your business needs.

Proximity Management

Choose the locations for your campaigns and modify them according to your audience. Combine instruments of communication between beacons, GPS and wireless nertworks, all on Zoniz proximity open platform.

Support & Training

Our team is ready to help you out! Our professional assistance includes extensive training and a detailed user manual. We will guide you every step of the way: from technical support to content creation and more.

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& Analytics

Business Intelligence

Take a step forward! Zoniz helps you evaluate data to apply it correctly to your marketing campaigns in order to boost profits and streamline management (sales revenue, products, costs and incomes).


Improve your business! Our Analytics module will guide you to make the best decisions for your business. You can get data about customer demographics, segmentation and more in one place.

IBM Watson

Use IBM Watson and Zoniz together to discover patterns and use smart data analysis from the data you collect for your business.

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White Label
& Integrations


You can create interactive services using Zoniz app or upgrade your current platform with new functionalities for a complete mobile sdk. Add push notifications, engaging content and much more to build a interactive adventure for your audience.

White Label

Zoniz can match your product! We can help you rebrand Zoniz app in a very short amount of time with our white label solution. Choose a personal feel and look of your product that works for you.


Extend your social media presence using Zoniz by integrating Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels into your business.

Want more?

We constantly develop our engagement solutions based on data we collect and latest technologies. Get in touch with us for more details!

Personalized solutions

Start building your own personalized solution using Zoniz elements and services or create your own exclusive software.

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