Smart Buildings

Choose intelligent buildings!

Zoniz mobile app can renew buildings and improve life through proximity technology. Streamline the process of checking in and finding places, people and information.

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How to use Zoniz for Smart Buildings

Smart Parking

Let Zoniz guide you right from the parking entrance. Find the perfect parking spot faster using our mobile app. From this moment, the spot becomes unavailable for other drivers who use the application.

Office Environment

A great office environment makes the employees happier! Zoniz helps you decrease energy consumption and share a comfortable office space with everyone. Anyone in the building can adjust the light and temperature of their workspace and save their settings.

Team Workspace

Zoniz improves teamwork in the workspace! With Zoniz mobile app you can check room availability in your smart building and book a working space or meeting room. Keep employees up to date with meetings and share important documents with them.

Office Community

Zoniz helps you make great teams! Create a community in your building by encouraging communication through surveys, announcements and requests in a more personal way.

Fitness & Productivity

Make your smart building a healthy environment for employees! Increase productivity in the building by encouraging employees to get active during workdays. Zoniz can help you offer rewards for employees for taking the stairs or coming to work by bike.

Building Information

Zoniz provides easy building management by offering basic or technical information of the smart building. You can also have access control inside the building using a Smart Bluetooth Connection.

Indoor Navigation

Save time with beacon tracking! Zoniz is an intelligent indoor navigation app that delivers floor plans of the building, shows destinations and step by step navigation for everyone in the building.

Insights & Analytics

Get data about peak hours and most crowded office hours in one place and improve performance throughout the building.

What we offer

Navigation & Positioning

Guide visitors with our ibeacon app and lead them inside your smart buildings. Refresh life inside buildings with easy navigation through indoor maps. Just place your beacons around the area and lead the way!

Contextual information

Zoniz will help you reach visitors at the right time with the right content. Visitors will receive information they are interested in based on their proximity.


Use Zoniz to make data management easier for you. The sensors placed in the building will be interconnected using Wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy providing important data about your visitors.

Admin Panel

Zoniz mobile app gives you a complete view of the building in the admin panel. You can adjust all of the building configurations, create and manage content and access analytics data of the building.

Connected App

Connect your public more to your smart buildings! Engage employees and visitors with our ibeacon app and smart watch app extension to improve their work life.

Parking Sensors

Upgrade your building with parking sensors using Zoniz mobile app and reach parking spaces easier.

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