Smart City

Start building smart cities!

Activate a smart city that engages people through modern communication and create an interactive environment for them.

Municipalities with institutions and local businesses can work together to deliver a complete city app for citizens and tourists.

Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing
Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing
Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing
Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing

Use Cases

Citizen Engagement

Offer citizen engagement and get feedback to improve city's environment and lifestyle. Involve citizens in the upcoming projects with opinion polls. Invite them to be proactive and come up with ideas about city development. Get authentic feedback from citizens and reward them for cooperation.



Engage tourists in their favorite attractions with guided tours. You can mark points of interest on the map within the mobile app, adding their history and other details together with images and videos. Give information about activities near the visited locations.


Make citizens and tourists enjoy their time out and come back again to restaurants and coffee shops. Create customer loyalty programs and vouchers with discounts for your offers using a mobile location app. Provide tourists automatic check-in in the hotels and indoor navigation.



Deliver a unique museum experience by displaying audio tours for visitors with Zoniz mobile location app. Send informative campaigns about the visited artifacts and a bookmark system of artifacts for visitors with info access even after leaving the museum. Create polls with rewards in exchange for visitors feedback about their museum experience and future improvements.


Zoniz can be a guide for students in universities. Provide outdoor and indoor maps in university campuses for easy navigation. Share useful information and events to students with push notifications. Invite them to give feedback and improve university's activities and projects.


Keep it entertaining! Explore gamification on Zoniz platform and offer personalized games or treasure hunts to engage participants at festivals. Provide automatic registration for participants as integrated part of the smart city app.

Stadiums and Sport Arenas

Make sports even more fun with contests and discount vouchers. Zoniz mobile app helps you identify traffic points with indoor maps, so the fans can enjoy the sport more. Deliver welcome messages and create entertaining contests for people.

Conferences and Events

Zoniz presents a smart city solution with indoor navigation for large conferences and expo centers. It integrates new features such as program schedule, activities or events calendar and points of interest through heatmaps.


Smart cities collaborate with city halls and public institutions to develop a good network of public transportation for citizens. Zoniz can help you display bus schedules and live tracking within the mobile app, to help citizens know which buses are available.

What we offer

Innovative Technology

Take your business to another level with Zoniz, using an interactive and creative technology with beacon tracking.

Highly Scalable

Zoniz can adapt and grow along the way, according on the number of users and amount of workload.

Social Media Integrations

Zoniz easily integrates Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin in any business at our clients request.

Analytics Data

Take the best solutions to build up smart cities by sorting and analysing a large amount of data with Zoniz.

Flexible Platform

Our adaptable software is designed to meet the needs of each industry, to grow and adjust to any requirements.

Eco Friendly

Our digital solution protects the environment and the city. No more printed vouchers and brochures mean no more wasted paper. Bring to light a smart city that protects nature!


e-Alba Iulia

Zoniz has been a great match for e-Alba Iulia platform. Our white label solution has stepped in to improve tourism and engage with the people in this city. Through the platform, people are guided to explore the surroundings of the citadel, discover new events, get deals from restaurants and local authorities get feedback from citizens.


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