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Zoniz provides smart solutions for retailers by helping them follow customer behaviour and extend time in-store. Guide customers in the proximity of your store and get more from their visit. READ MORE

smartphone frame
Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing
smartphone frame
Mobile location app, mobile app, proximity technology, proximity marketing

Use Cases

Malls & Supermarkets

Zoniz provides smart retail marketing and helps retailers get to know their customers more. Use proximity marketing campaigns to deliver innovative content at the right time and in the right place.

Stores & Brands

Guide customers to products through engaging content. Zoniz is your smart retail solution that will engage customers in their shopping experience and will deliver high conversion rates.


Personalize shopping experiences for customers in their proximity and deliver engaging content directly to their mobile devices.

What we offer

Enable Interactive Content

Deliver more than words by adding videos to your content. Studies show that people respond better to videos than to text or images. Use Zoniz retail marketing to start broadcasting videos to your audience and keep them engaged.

Loyalty Programs

Build long-time relationships by delivering personalized messages and rewarding your most loyal customers. You can reward their interest for your shopping store by using Zoniz campaigns with free gifts.

Engage Customers

Zoniz helps you choose interactive ways to reward customers with random gifts. You can create scratch tickets where the prizes can be discovered by the customer by sliding its finger over the phone's screen. You can also discover our treasure hunt feature that keeps the shopper entertained longer with a series of hidden virtual clues.

From Customer To Brand Ambassador

Reward creativity of your customers and engage them with a fun photo contest on their mobiles. You can organize contests and pick winners randomly or manually directly from Zoniz platform with no other additional programs.

Get Feedback

Customer surveys are important when building your business image. With Zoniz you can create surveys at the right time and at the right moment for your customers. Offer rewards or discounts to thank customers for their answers.

Eco Friendly

Our digital solution protects the environment. No more printed vouchers and brochures mean no more wasted paper.


AFI Cotroceni

Zoniz has been a great match for one of the largest shopping malls in Europe. Through Zoniz mobile app, visitors could participate in contests and get on the spot prizes like food and shopping vouchers or contests with bigger prizes. The marketing campaign was promoted at the AFI Cotroceni mall and online through Zoniz ibeacon app.


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