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Your audience will be able to enjoy your content through a user-friendly mobile app. Each user will only see content relevant to their location, through the use of GPS locations and beacons.

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When first opening the app, users will get to see first the campaigns you highlight, content in the nearby locations and content organized in categories you set. People can customize their view by pinning categories they are most interested in, so they can view those campaigns on the homepage.

  • Features:
  • Configurable Categories
  • Nearby Content
  • Highlights


Keep your audience up-to-date with the events and activities happening around them with the calendar view. Events can be displayed within a customized timeline. On a single glance, users can see the dates, times and location of each event, making it easy for them to plan ahead.

  • Features:
  • Location-based events
  • Customizable timeline
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Small venues like restaurants, coffee shops and stores can use this feature to gather all their content in one place, so it will be easier for their customers to discover all their offers and events. The micro-app is triggered by a beacon and the users will see it when they are close by or enter the store.


Large venues like Expo & Conferences or Museums can have their own space inside the app, which only appears when entering the location. Here they can set their own categories for content, maps and calendars, so their visitors can see everything in one place.

  • Features:
  • Configurable Categories
  • Indoor Maps & Wayfinding
  • Calendar
macro universe
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Help users navigate indoor spaces and find their way towards a point of interest. The map allows them to locate themselves within the space and get clear directions towards where they want to go. While selecting a location on the map, they can also find everything interesting happening there.

  • Features:
  • Show current position
  • Search by venues or venues categories
  • Directions
  • Integrations with content


Create your own menu to feature in your restaurant page on the app. Customers will be able to order and pay directly through the app. You can make your menu available for takeaway, table orders or bar pickup.

  • Features:
  • Configurable timeframes
  • Waiter app to manage orders
  • Status updates for each order
  • Payment processor
indor maps app zoniz


Broaden your communication by entering the application content in multiple languages and reach new audiences. Automatic translate feature is available in the app for languages other than the featured ones.


Make your audience aware of available content by sending custom push notifications. When entering a zone, the user will be notified if there is new content for that area. There is the option to remind people about specific campaigns, that also works for selected locations.

  • Features:
  • Possibility to schedule notifications
  • Configurable notifications for either campaigns or beacons


It is easy to extend Zoniz beyond our core functionalities with other innovative integrations of various systems to match custom needs. For example, some integrations we have already implemented are: AR content, bus routes, football module and live scoring, weather feature, dictionary etc.

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