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Versatile Engagement Solution

Power your communication to new heights with Zoniz. Our open platform transforms the way you manage your business from end to end by saving you valuable time and resources. The flexible architecture of our solution is designed to adapt to your personalized requirements and allows you to use the latest cutting edge techniques in the world of digital interaction and engagement.

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Label & Integrations

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Content & Proximity

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Business Intelligence
& Analytics


Below you will find the different industries in which we have gained years of expertise. With our expansive vision, we hope to explore many more domains.

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Connect with citizens and communicate with them at all the right touch-points with engaging messages. Use our secure channel to get feedback from them and collect all sorts of other valuable data.

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Smart buildings have the capacity to drastically improve productivity rates in offices and institutions. Use Zoniz to design better long-term arrangements and create sustainability and energy efficiency along the way.

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Based on geolocation, you can communicate with customers directly on their smartphones or any other digital screens with our platform. Create and deliver personalized offers to lead them into your stores and collect all the customer data you need for successful future campaigns.

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Our platform implements mechanisms to highlight the true impact of tourism in the specified areas. Developed to optimize interactivity and guidance, it provides easily accessible information to all parties involved- tourists as well as organisations.

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Interacting with consumers through our platform automatically gives you access into their contact details and much more. Therefore, you will be obtaining a far richer and more comprehensive understanding of your target audience. With Zoniz, you can find out which products your target audience is most likely to be interested in and what will make them come back to your store over and over for more.

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From medical congresses to music festivals, you can use Zoniz to keep the participants engaged throughout any event and connect them with relevant information. Our heatmaps will scan the main points of interest for them and the navigation module will guide them all over the event location.

We Explore & Evolve

Owing to our relentless research on global digital trends, we have managed to create a product that is highly appreciated by renowned brands from all over the world. Besides, we are constantly adding new features to the platform, as per the need of our clients or added through our own initiative.

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The best Smart City
2016 - 2017

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