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Use interaction to engage with your guests and tourists using Zoniz. Help them discover a fresh side of each tourist attraction through information and interactive experiences. READ MORE

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Use Cases


Welcome your guests and guide them with indoor maps to easily discover their main points of interest. Provide them with maps of restaurants, spas, pools or gift shops for an easy navigation in your hotel. Increase your positive reviews, the number of your returning guests, social media exposure and promote your great services.


Guide tourists since their airport arrival with indoor maps and help them get where they want. You can provide indoor location for visitors to reach the fastest gates easier while showing marketing offers at the same time.


With Zoniz geolocation app you can show visitors their location and all of the museum services on a map. You can keep them up-to-date with new exhibitions, information about artefacts, give them access to virtual tours and guide them to important areas inside the museum.

What we offer

Navigation & Positioning

Attract tourists in your location and turn it into an interactive place using our geolocation app. Offer guests indoor maps on their mobiles and provide them easy navigation with beacon tracking.

Social Media Integrations

Share your great services on social media with new campaigns that require interaction from your guests with share/like and check in's.

Campaigns With Rewards

Using our geolocation app you can engage tourists at the right time. You can create rewarding contests and unique promotions only for the guests in your location.

Email & SMS Integrations

Maintain interaction and communication with your tourists by sending them personalized emails and messages. Keep them close to your business and on track with your newest campaigns.

Analytics Data

You can keep track of all the participants in your campaigns with our easy to use Zoniz platform. Create, manage content and access analytics data of the audience interested in your marketing campaigns.

Eco Friendly

Our digital solution protects the environment. No more printed vouchers and brochures mean no more wasted paper.


Discover Cluj

Zoniz has been a great match for Cluj-Napoca. Zoniz has provided an engaging treasure hunt solution for citizens by exploring the city and its famous monuments. By downloading Zoniz app and activating Bluetooth and Wifi, citizens could solve fun riddles, get prizes and stay in touch with the most important events in Cluj.


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