Proximity technology can be used to create different interactive experiences and help tourists navigate and learn about the new places they are visiting. Our platform Zoniz has been used in different locations around Europe to display information about points of interest right as the tourists were walking nearby.

Faroe Islands

Sona app, a white labeled app of Zoniz Proximity Platform, is being used in Faroe Islands by both citizens and tourists. Visitors on the islands can benefit from the bus routes feature, the events calendar and also the POIs info campaigns.

Faroe Islands is a group of 18 volcanic islands located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The islands have a lot of beautiful natural landscapes, charming villages and a handful of museums, churches and colorful houses. Many of them have interesting stories and legends and all of them are displayed on the Sona app. As tourists visit the islands they get to learn about each point of interests right as they are in front of it. For each touristic attraction within the app, people can access directions towards it.

Campaigns on Sona app with points of interest in Faroe Islands
Points of Interest in Faroe Islands on Sona app

In the events section of the app, tourists are invited to unique events, like: home dine at the farmers’ house, take sightseeing cruises or go on fishing trips.

Faroe Islands have a population of 50.000 citizens. After 1 year of implementation, Sona app had 35.000 users. Out of these, 15% were tourists.

Alba Carolina

The biggest citadel in Romania is Alba Carolina, located in Alba Iulia city. Besides its beauty, the Citadel also has great historical value for Romanian people, as it was the place where the Unification Day happened (which is now celebrated as the Romanian National Day). Alba Carolina was restored in 2013 and since then, it became an important touristic attraction.

Alba Carolina Citadel seen from above
Alba Carolina Citadel seen from above

Our platform Zoniz has a white label solution in Alba Iulia as well, and it is named e-alba iulia. On the app, tourists get access to important information about all parts of the Citadel. The info gets loaded on the app as they get in the right location. Besides the historical details about the points of interest, in each campaign they can also see a map with the location and surroundings.


In 2016 Zoniz organized a treasure hunt in the city of Cluj-Napoca named Discover Cluj. The project’s purpose was to promote the city’s touristic attractions and the sponsor brands and to support the municipality’s application as European Cultural Capital in 2021.

The treasure hunt was composed of seven steps that would take the participant to some key points of interest in the city. First, they would get a clue, in form of a poem. Here is one example:

You need to find the king riding his horse
Along with his comrades, all generals, of course.
Go to the hearth of the city, the Union Square,
Don’t keep His Highness waiting, He will be there!

Once the riddle was solved and the participant would get in the correct location, new content would appear on the app. They would get a short history about the attraction they were in front of and a new riddle that had to be solved. After all seven steps were completed, the user would receive a scratch off ticket that would reveal their prize. All they had to do was slide their finger over the scratch area. The prizes consisted of free coffees, spa entrances, cosmetic products, mugs, key rings or discount vouchers.

Campaigns on Zoniz app for Discover Cluj project
Some of the treasure hunt campaigns for Discover Cluj

Info campaigns and treasure hunts are great ways to promote touristic attractions, but Zoniz Proximity Platform offers a lot more opportunities for smart tourism. Municipalities, museums or touristic associations can create guided tours, video tours, contests or ask for feedback with polls.

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