The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to create app engagement and that is exactly what happened on Sona. With a fun concept of Advent Calendars and our interactive scratch off ticket templates on Zoniz platform, people entered daily on the app during the month of December in hopes of winning a prize.

Relevant Communication

Sona is an engagement solution in Faroe Islands based on Zoniz Proximity Platform. The purpose of Zoniz is to help create relevant communication by sending the right messages in the right place, or in this case, at the right time. Through Zoniz content management system, the advent calendar campaigns could each be set to be active on a certain date.

A traditional Advent Calendar offers a small prize daily between the 1st and 24th of December. It’s a fun way to enjoy the month and get excited about Christmas. On Sona, there was a new campaign that appeared on the app for those in Faroe Islands each day. The campaign would contain a scratch off ticket and some lucky winners would receive a prize.

Sona Advent Calendar 2018

In December 2018 the Advent Calendar on Sona first appeared. Many brands from the islands have participated as sponsors and offered many exciting prizes. During the 24 days of campaign, people were able to win fitness memberships, soft drinks cases, cosmetic products, brunches, gift cards or tickets to Summer Festival. All they had to do was access the scratch off ticket and then slide their finger over the scratch area to see if they were one of the lucky winners.

5 boxes of chocolates under a white Christmas tree
5 boxes of chocolates – prizes in the Advent Calendar for 5 lucky winners

The campaigns created app engagement and about 10% of users participated daily in the Advent Calendar. Not only did they accessed the scratch off ticket, but they also shared the campaigns on their social medias. This helped in creating some buzz around the app and increasing the number of users.

Sona Advent Calendar 2019

Following the success of the previous edition, the Advent Calendar returns in 2019. New and old sponsors will offer some amazing prizes during the 24 days of Advent. But this time, to get people hyped up before the scratch off tickets, some contests appeared in November as a warm-up. People had to answer some questions with the help of poll campaigns, and then some lucky winners have been randomly drawn directly from the platform to win gift cards. Also, on the app,  users were able to find videos and posts with tips and tricks about Christmas.

Jólakalendarin á Sona appini

Í sambandi við at jólakalendarin á Sona appini byrjar sunnudagin 1. desember, fara vit at hava eina KAPPING 👉 Dáma sjónbandið og frámerk ein vin, og tú ert við í lutakastinum um 10 eskjur av karamellum, sum verða býttar millum 10 hepnar vinnarar. Vinnararnir verður funnin týsdagin 3. desember kl 12.00. 🎅🎁📱

Posted by Sona on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We have created a  lot of out-of-the-box templates on our platform Zoniz that can be used creatively to drive user engagement. It is important to remember that in order for interactive campaigns to be successful, they have to be relevant to the users targeted.

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