Our engagement solution, Zoniz, can be used in many different ways to interact with people. Because the majority of population in Faroe Islands are football lovers, we have used some fun and innovative functionalities and integrations on our local app Sona to get them excited about different championships.

Sona is an app based on Zoniz Proximity Platform that we have released in Faroe Islands in partnership with Føroya Tele. Due to some interactive campaigns, the app caught on quick and is now very popular. The football related campaigns and functionalities played a major part in its notoriety.

The Events

The first football championship that made its way into Sona app was the UEFA Champions League in May 2018 with a poll. People had to vote who they thought would win between Real Madrid or Liverpool. From those who participated, organizers chose a random winner directly from the app to win a prize. The campaign was very successful with a 68% participation rate, so new campaigns emerged during FIFA World Cup 2018, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2018, UEFA Nations League 2018, Faroe Islands Premier League 2019 and also some single friendly matches. The football campaigns continue to be some of the most popular in the app.

Football fans reacting
The football campaigns will continue in 2020


Following the success of the first poll, for each football match, Sona users could vote who they thought the winner was through the app. For the bigger championships, people got the possibility to win two prizes. The one who got most matches correct would win the bigger prize. Then there would be a second winner which was randomly selected directly from Zoniz platform. The winnings included gift cards and free vacations.

In the app, people could also access a predictor, which would show a tally of people’s votes.

Poll campaign artboard
The polls and top predictors in Sona app

Live Scores and Rankings

The campaigns got people to access the app and get involved. This time, we have used a Live Scores and Ranking integration where people could follow in real-time how their favorite teams were doing. This option is available both for the men and the women championships.

Live score integration on Sona
Live score and Ranking integrations on Sona

Not all Sona app users are football fans, therefore each person can customize their view by accessing the app’s settings and dragging and dropping the functionalities that are important to them and they want to prioritize.

Zoniz platform has enough flexibility to customize an app to suit any needs. Using out-of-the-box templates and creative integrations, our engagement solution can enhance the experience of any event.

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