Our proximity marketing software Zoniz can help brands enhance the shopping experience for their customers. In 2016-2017, we have worked with the retail company LPP in order to implement a series of campaigns for three of their fashion brands, including Reserved.

Objectives and Implementation

Reserved is a fashion brand from Poland, part of LPP company, with stores in over 20 countries. They have used our platform Zoniz in all their stores from Romanian shopping malls. But they have also used Zoniz to increase sales on their online website. Their main goals were to register information about current and potential customers, get to know their preferences and increase the brand’s social media exposure.

Together we have created 10 promotional campaigns: 6 contests and 4 vouchers with a discount code. The brand used Zoniz platform to add content for the campaigns and follow statistics generated for each of them. App users could see the promotions on their phone when they were in the proximity of a Reserved store.


Four of the campaigns implemented with the help of our proximity marketing software were contests, which offered the chance for both women and men to win a complete Reserved outfit. Participants had to share the campaign on social media to register for the contest. This is how we tackled one of the main goals, which was to increase the brand’s social media exposure. When closer to the end of the campaign, the brand sent 2 more reminders of the ongoing contest.

The other four campaigns were vouchers with different discount codes for online shopping on Reserved website. Users could enjoy a 10% discount on any order, by using the code received on their phones through Zoniz mobile app. With these campaigns, the brand extended their communication with the customers. Online shopping can drive sales for a brand throughout the whole year.

The mechanisms both for the contests and for the voucher are implemented within the Zoniz platform. Zoniz also allows the possibility of randomly picking a winner from the users registered in the contest.

reserved campaigns
Some of the Reserved campaigns on Zoniz app


Everyone who had Zoniz app installed on their phone and their Bluetooth on  (Zoniz uses BLE technology, that doesn’t use much of the phone’s battery) could enjoy the Reserved campaigns. In order to access them, they had to be nearby a Reserved store, inside a shopping mall. With Zoniz, the brand started to communicate with its customers using relevant and effective content.

Besides the Reserved brand, LPP used Zoniz platform for their other brands Mohito and Sinsay. In 2 months, there were 5000 campaign views, 1200 social media shares with over 85 000 reach and 3000 user engagement (likes, comments, shares).

The company had access to real time statistics about the performance of the campaigns and to relevant details about the users.

Zoniz proximity platform is the perfect smart retail solution for brands because it helps build a stronger relationship with their customers. Zoniz can be used to create contest campaigns, vouchers, loyalty programs and a lot more interactive content. But it can also help gather valuable feedback and real time statistics.

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