Sona app’s success in Faroe Islands was mostly driven by word of mouth advertising. This was due to a lot of creative engagement campaigns, and photo contests were a big part of it. The new type of interaction resonated with people and they were excited to get involved.

Sona was developed on Zoniz Platform as a white labeled solution in Faroe Islands. “Sona” means “Zone” in Faroese.

Winter Photo Contest

In January 2019, people were invited to participate in the first photo contest on Sona and the theme was winter. They took pictures from all around the snow covered island. The incentives for joining the contest were two prizes consisting of a gift card from Atlantic Airways and a new Huawei smartphone. This campaign had a 31% participation rate.

The participants could submit their photos right from the app and all the photos were gathered in one place, so it was an easy job for the organizers to see the photos and choose a winner (either by picking a winner or select a random one). The photos submitted are also accessible on an online link, for everyone to see.


Einans títt hugflot setur mørk, til tína vetrarmynd 🙂 Legg tína mynd á Sona appina, áðrenn tað er ov seint, kappingin endar í morgin! Erla Z kemur at velja bestu myndina, ið vinnur eina Huawei P20 Lite telefon frá Føroya Tele, og øll ið senda mynd inn, eru við í lutakastinum um eitt gávukort á 2000 kr. frá Atlantic Airways!#mínsona #mínmyndakapping

Posted by Sona on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The winners were Áki Andreasen, who won the Atlantic Airways gift card by draw and Rannvá Joensen, who’s photo was handpicked to win the new phone.

Photo of snowy cliffs in Faroe Islands
Rannvá Joensen’s winner photo

Royal Run Photo Contest

In June the crowned prince of Denmark gets his running shoes on and invites the entire kingdom to run with him in the Royal Run Marathon. On June 1st 2019 he came to Faroe Islands, so a new photo contest was organized on Sona for this occasion. The marathon took place in Klaksvík. The winner of the photo contest received a travel voucher from Fonn Flog. The participation rate was 57% for this campaign. People took photos of them running, of their medals or with the prince.

Faroese marathoners with the prince of Denmark. Picture submitted in the photo contest.

National Holiday Photo Contest

Ólavsøka is the national holiday in Faroe Islands and it is also when a rowing championship takes place, that has its roots in the Viking days. For this occasion people dress up in national costumes and everyone gets out to celebrate. A new photo contest was organized on Sona, the prize being a voucher from Atlantic Airwaves.

People shared fun images of them celebrating the traditional way and the winner was Guðrið Jákupsdóttir, with a photo that showcases the bright community of Faroe Islands.

The winning photo of Guðrið Jákupsdóttir

Music Festivals Photo Contests

There are two popular music festivals in the islands: G! Festival and Summer Festival. Following the successes of previous photo contests on the app, both festivals organized similar competitions of their own, where the prizes were free passes for the festivals in 2020. The first one, in July, was G! Festival. Participants sent photos directly from the festival and organizers handpicked the winner.

Photo entry at G! Festival photo contest

Then, in August, it was Summer Festival’s time. The entries featured artists on stage, people having fun, confetti, tents and adorable children, showcasing that the festival was a family affair. Both festivals engaged their audience and challenged them to capture the best moment in one photo.

Photo contest submission at Summer Festival

Interactive content is the best way to engage your audience and getting them involved in your story. Photo contests are one way of achieving this, but Zoniz Proximity Platform offers a variety of engagement templates that will help you connect with people in an innovative way.

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