We have created a new order feature available on Zoniz platform, as a helpful tool for restaurants to improve their workflow. It is a simple and complete solution for takeaway, table or bar orders and reservations.

Takeaway Orders

As safety regulations have changed in the last months for establishments around the world, takeaway orders have become increasingly more popular and have become necessary for most restaurants. The order feature on Zoniz is fitted both for pickup orders and delivery.

After setting up the menu, the restaurant is able to customize the time frames for both ordering and pickup. This will help them organize their workflow and use their available resources.

In the app the customer will be able to see all the details of their order, they can add their contact details and they can also pay directly through the app by card.

Screenshots of the order feature in Zoniz app
Screenshots of the order feature in Zoniz app

Inside The Restaurant

The Zoniz order feature can also be used when the customer is in the restaurant with table orders or bar pickup orders. The staff will have access to a waiter app, where they can manage all the orders efficiently.

This feature reduces the physical contact between the customers and the staff to improve safety and minimizes waiting time. It can also be used by establishments that require customers to pickup their orders directly from the bar or counter, as it can notify them when the status of their order has changed.

Table Reservations

Another use for this feature is for the customers to make table reservations in advance. After completing the required details, the request will be sent to the restaurant, which will have to confirm or decline it. In case of declining, they will be able to give some helpful details in order for the customer to be able to make a successful reservation.

Municipalities or local organizations that want to support restaurants can use Zoniz platform to create an app for the local community and give the local restaurants access to this functionality, so they are able to continue doing sales in these times. If you are interested in learning more about this feature or about  Zoniz proximity platform, contact us and we will be happy to schedule a personalized demo.

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