At the end of 2016, Zoniz worked with one of the three major tobacco companies in the world to implement proximity technology as a new way to interact with their customers. This solution offered the possibility to communicate and engage with buyers without the need of extra human resources.


In many countries, tobacco companies are restricted to point-of-sale advertising. For this reason, promoters are the main method of boosting their brand. We offered a multinational tobacco company the perfect alternative with our proximity platform, Zoniz. In addition, the company also had other objectives in their collaboration with us. They wanted to communicate more with customers through their brand and register new clients.

Proximity technology offered the possibility to engage people and interact with them in an unconventional manner. The tobacco company used the platform to manage campaigns in a flexible way and to follow real-time statistics. People could receive the engagement campaigns after installing the app and activating Bluetooth on their phone. The innovative part was that they would only get to see the content when they were in the appropriate locations.


The execution part of this campaign was a bit different for us than what we had done before. We had to integrate Zoniz platform with the company’s user database and we also had to integrate the code validation from the tobacco packages. Before our collaboration, they were doing the validation manually. In the new campaign, the process was simplified, thus the user was able to scan the code with their phone.

We implemented the campaign in over 1000 retail locations around the country, mainly gas stations and general trade stores. The tobacco company had the right logistics to install the beacons themselves. They also took care of all the advertising. They send over 220.000 newsletters in mail, they created social media buzz and they also had promotional materials in the campaign locations.


After installing Zoniz app on their phones, people were invited to visit one of the locations participating in the campaign, activate Bluetooth on their phone and register on the company’s database. Before the first campaign, the app would ask them if they wanted to receive content about tobacco. They had to agree in order to continue and register their data. Once they had agreed, this option would be saved in the configuration settings of their account, so they wouldn’t be asked again. But they had the option to manually change it, if they wanted to.

One of the campaigns that the tobacco company organized through Zoniz was a scratch off ticket. Each registered person had to fill in the code from the interior of their cigarette pack to get a free pack in return. The user could participate up to 4 times in the same campaign. To access the promotion, the participants had to slide their finger over the scratch area on their phone. This would reveal if they had won the instant prizes or had the possibility of winning one weekly big prize. The instant prizes consisted of cigarette packs or thermoses. The weekly prizes were new iPhones.

People who had the mobile app installed would also receive notifications with info campaigns. The company delivered news or updates about their promotion or the winners of the weekly prizes. Only the people who were at one of the participant locations would receive this content.

Tobacco campaigns
Some of the content on the Zoniz app for the tobacco campaign

With Zoniz, the tobacco company succeeded in creating an effective campaign through a unique method. The real time statistics that the platform offered, permitted a greater flexibility in managing the promotions.

Our proximity platform Zoniz can help companies with perfectly tailored customer engagement. Through our app, they will be able to interact at the right place and at the right time, in a way that suits their needs.

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