Tourism has been through some difficulties this year, but now it is time for the industry to find solutions and revive it. Sona app in Faroe Islands is a proximity app based on Zoniz platform that has taken the first steps in motivating people to discover their landmarks again.

Monthly Competitions

During the summer of 2020, Sona together with the Føroya Sports Association and the Public Health Council have organized a competition in the app to provoke Faroese people to exercise while discovering the beautiful nature in Faroe Islands. In order to participate, people had to use Sona app to record and check in while they were visiting the required locations. In the month of June their challenge was to visit five different villages, while in July they had to hike on five different mountain tops. There will be two more competitions to follow in the next months. Each month, a lucky winner will receive a gift certificate and when all competitions will be over, there will be a grand winner who will get the main prize, a week trip on the Mykines island for five people, including accommodation, food, tours and helicopter rides.

Rørsla í Føroyum

Kekka inn í Viðalundini ☘️🌞Veðrið er fantastiska gott í dag, so tað er upplagt at spáka sær ein túr í Viðalundini. Minst bara til at kekka inn á Sona appini, tí so ert tú við í átakinum Rørsla í Føroyum, um at ganga 5 bygdagøtur í Juni. ✅Góðan túr! 💚

Posted by Sona on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Guided Tours

Another great way of using a proximity app while visiting touristic attractions is to use it as a tour guide. As the user approaches the landmark, content is being loaded in the app to provide interesting information about it. Because this feature is location based and interactive, it can successfully replace a human guide, therefore allowing tourists to get the same experience and stay safe.

Screenshots of campaigns on Sona app
Info campaigns of touristic landmarks on Sona app

In Sona app, visitors can look up info about different landmarks to help them plan their trip. The bus routes feature is also very helpful for those who are planning to use public transportation, as they can locate the stations on the map and consult timetables.

Zoniz Proximity Platform has a lot of functionalities that can be useful in reviving tourism, like: treasure hunts, photo contests or video tours. Create interactivity without human contact to provide a safe experience for tourists.

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