Romexpo has collaborated with Zoniz in 2015 to offer a beacon technology based app to exhibitors and attendees. Romexpo is the leading fair and exhibition center in Romania. All parties involved in this project had benefited from the experience.

The proximity platform

Zoniz is a platform that uses proximity technology to reach people based on their location. Romexpo and different exhibitors had access to a content management system where they could create engaging campaigns for their audience. We strategically placed beacons inside the expo center and at the exhibitors’ stands. The beacons emit a BLE signal on a range of around 80 meters max and only the phones in the beacon’s proximity receive the signal. Furthermore, Zoniz app will take the beacon ID and load the content from the cloud for that specific beacon. As a result, the visitors would receive content on their phones relevant to their current position.

Business Model

We worked with Romexo based on a share revenue plan. Zoniz proximity platform was offered as an extra package for the exhibitors to buy. Zoniz, as platform providers and Romexpo, as platform managers, split between them the revenue made from these sales. Romexpo had both a new innovative product to offer to its exhibitors and visitors, and also a new source of revenue.

Organizer’s Benefits

Through its beacon technology, Zoniz platform offered Romexpo and other organizers a mean to interact directly with the participants at fairs and exhibitions. For example, the organizer could send welcome messages right at the entrance, get feedback or real-time statistics. They could also send notifications and info about events directly to the attendees in the exhibition hall. The expo center is the largest in Romania with 100,000 square meters, 11 exhibition pavilions and 10 conference rooms. Through Zoniz, the visitors could be guided from one building to another and they also had the possibility to access different maps.

Romexpo offered their exhibitors an opportunity for paid content in the engagement app. This meant that not only they had an additional service, but also that the expo center could be generating extra revenue.

Two campaigns on Zoniz app at Romexpo
Two campaigns on Zoniz app at Romexpo

Exhibitors’ Benefits

Zoniz was used in a variety of exhibitions at Romexpo, including furniture fairs, digital conferences, tourism fairs or trade fairs for consumer goods. The exhibitors had the option to create content on Zoniz platform and use it to increase visibility at the fair and attract visitors to their booth. The proximity engagement app offered the possibility to create attractive promotional offers, greeting messages, contests and polls to get feedback from visitors. Furthermore, Zoniz also enabled the attendees to interact with the brand on social media networks. Within the platform, the exhibitors could access the audience feature, where they would find valuable information about those who had engaged with their content. They could see important details including age, gender or city.

Zoniz floor sticker at Romexpo
Zoniz floor sticker at Romexpo and exhibitors at the TIBCO fair

Participants’ Benefits

The participants could install Zoniz app on their phone and they would get relevant information about the fair they were attending. Because the platform is based on beacon technology, the app would only offer messages while they were in the appropriate location, somewhere specific inside the expo hall or near certain stands. This means that the notifications were meaningful, getting delivered at the right place and at the right time. They also got the chance to win prizes from the exhibitors or give them feedback.


Our challenge was to promote Zoniz both to exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors had to learn about Zoniz in order to join the project and add content to the platform. The app was free for the visitors, but they still had to install it on their phones and turn their Bluetooth on so they could receive relevant content. We tried several advertising options along the way.

Firstly, we had a promotional offer for exhibitors and a layout in the catalog to announce it. Additionally, Romexpo sent us a list with the exhibitors of future fairs. We called them to inform them about Zoniz proximity platform and present the offer.

For the visitors we had promoters that would let them know about the app and help them install Zoniz on their phones. The promoters also gave instant prizes to the attendees for installing the proximity app. We have discovered that people were more open to install the app when they received immediate gratification. Moreover, Romexpo would feature announcements about Zoniz on the audio station during the fairs.

Promoters presenting the app to Romexpo attendees
Promoters presenting the app to Romexpo attendees

In terms of promotional materials we had two wind flags outside, a stand at the entrance, banners inside the pavilion, floor stickers and bathroom mirror stickers. We also had some branded promotional items like yo-yo toys, measuring tapes or pens. In addition, the promoters wore Zoniz branded t-shirts and tote bags.

Zoniz Proximity Platform was a solution that connected all parties of a conference or expo event. Through it, the organizer, the exhibitors and the visitors could communicate and interact in a more relevant way.

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