Restaurants and other small or medium businesses in Faroe Islands are using Sona app to create and maintain customer loyalty. Sona is a white labeled solution of Zoniz Proximity Platform and it offers a lot of opportunities for engagement campaigns and innovative functionalities.

Loyalty Campaigns

On Zoniz Content Management System there is a loyalty template that allows businesses to create campaigns that get people to come back. This template is inspired by the old cardboard cards where coffee shops used to put stamps on. When customers would gather a certain amount of stamps, they would receive a free item. The app version works by using an NFC tag or QR code to receive the stamps inside the apps and when reaching the necessary amount of stamps, the users receive the gift voucher.

In Faroe Islands, a gas station chain named Magn used our loyalty template for their coffee brand Magn Kaffi. All the workflow for getting the stamps and vouchers is implemented in a secure way in the app. The video below show exactly how Magn’s campaign works.

Magn kaffi á Sona appini

Samla kaffistempul á Sona appini og fá kopp #10 ókeypis! Tá tú hevur goldið fyri kaffi, skannar tú QR-kotuna, sum tú finnur við kassan.Tá tú hevur savnað 9 stempul, fært tú ein kopp av Magn kaffi ókeypis.

Posted by Magn on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Other restaurants in Faroe Islands have created engagement campaigns to attract customers and get them to come back.  The promotions were exclusive on Sona app.

Two campaigns on Sona app
Restaurant campaigns on Sona app

Most restaurants used the voucher template inside the app. The first restaurant to have a promotion on Sona was Café Frida, which offered free drinks for those customers who bought breakfast. To redeem their free drink, people had to present the collected voucher to their waiter. Other restaurants in Faroe Islands such as Haps Burgarbaar, Mikkeller or Hvonn offered a 15% discount voucher on Sona app. Kafe Kaspar and Hotel Hafnia had voucher campaigns with special prizes or free soda.

Another way for restaurants to interact with their customers though Sona app was with scratch off tickets. Tino & His Pizza used them to offer two lucky winners free pizzas in 2018, when they were newly opened. During Ólavsøka,the national holiday in Faroe Islands, people could win a dinner for two in the Sona app to restaurants Katrina Christiansen or Panorama. Their campaigns were very successful, with over 80% participation rate.


We are constantly working on improving the Sona experience for users, so one of the newer features available on the app is the Micro-Universe. Small venues like restaurants, coffee shops and stores can use the micro-universe to gather all their content in one place. This will make it easier for their customers to discover all their offers and events. The first ones to use this feature were Magn.

Zoniz Proximity Platform offers a variety of engagement templates that you can use to maintain customer loyalty. Create and maintain relationships by rewarding your returning clients with small prizes or discounts.

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