Using our proximity platform Zoniz, we worked with different gas station chains to create engagement campaigns for their customers. We have collaborated with gas stations from Faroe Islands and Romania.

Project in Faroe Islands

Sona mobile app is a white label solution of Zoniz in the Faroe Islands. Many different companies on the islands promote their business on Sona.  The reason is that the app offers an interactive way to connect to people. One of these companies is Magn, a gas station that was looking both to reward their loyal customers, and also engage new clients, by promoting their coffee brand.

A cup of Magn Kaffi
A cup of Magn Kaffi, Magn’s coffee brand

Loyalty Engagement Campaign

Zoniz offered a loyalty engagement campaign for Magn’s coffee brand. The campaign was created within the Sona mobile app and delivered on people’s phones, in the vicinity of the gas stations. The offer was personalized with the brand’s logo and colors, making it easy to recognize for the people in the area.

To participate in this campaign, customers had to buy 9 Magn coffees in order to receive 1 coffee for free. People got a notification with the promotion on their phone, when passing by in front of the Magn location. Then they had to scan a QR code located at the check-out of the Magn gas station. In return, people received a virtual stamp on the loyalty offer. After collecting all the stamps, the customers were awarded with a voucher.

The loyalty campaign for Magn on Sona app
The loyalty campaign for Magn on Sona app

In the first 2 months of this promotion, 373 people participated in the campaign, 161 succeeded in completing offers and together they have collected 2536 stamps, which translates in bought products.

Project in Romania

Our collaboration with the gas stations in Romania started as part of a project we had with a tobacco company. Additionally, the gas stations wanted to make their own campaigns for their restaurant brand.

Tobacco Project

At the end of 2016 we partnered up with a tobacco company to help them connect to their customers in an easier and more interactive way. The biggest part of this campaign took place in 137 gas stations, part of the same chain.

During this project we have created two types of campaigns on Zoniz. One was a scratch off ticket that came with small instant prizes and a bigger weekly prize. The other type of campaigns were informational ones. Through them, we let the customers know if the campaign was over, or if there were no more prizes left in that particular gas station. For the scratch off ticket the user had to scan the code inside the cigarette package in order to access the prizes. Each user could participate with up to 4 different codes.

Restaurant Promotions

The gas station chain also wanted to implement their own campaigns on Zoniz to promote their restaurants. Users, who had Zoniz app installed on their phones, could receive promotions for the restaurant, whenever they arrived at one of the company’s gas stations.

The offers consisted in different types of vouchers with discounts. Customers could get promotional prizes for different meal combinations, new menu items or limited edition items. Their combinations consisted of sandwiches, salads, pastry, coffee or drinks.

Food combo campaigns

If the customer wanted to use their voucher, they had to validate it first right from their phone. The platform offers a secure system of collecting the vouchers, in such way that they cannot be re-used. In addition, the platform beneficiary can automatically collect the customer’s data, without the need of any printed forms. This feature serves both the beneficiary, who can collect and use the data in a more effective way, and the customer, who can easily use the voucher without wasting any more precious time.

There are a lot of engagement solutions that can be created through Zoniz proximity platform. We offer an easy-to-use content management system, and our support for the companies that work with us to implement proximity marketing for their business.

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