Zoniz Proximity Platform uses a lot of innovative technology to enhance the experience of traditional holidays. Two very different cultures have used it to modernize the way people get involved in the activities that keep traditions alive.

Faroe Islands

In Faroe Islands people have access to a white labeled app based on Zoniz, named Sona. Its popularity has spread exclusively through word of mouth, so much in fact that around 70% of Faroe Island’s population has downloaded the app. All the important events in the islands are now using Sona to create more engagement.

The national holiday in Faroe Islands is named Ólavsøka and it has its roots in the Viking days. During this time there is a rowing competition and people get dressed in traditional outfits. For this occasion, Sona organized a photo contest where people had to capture best the spirit of the holiday in one picture. They submitted the photo directly through the app and all of them have been collected in one feed. The winner won a 2000 kr worth gift card from Atlantic Airways.

Faroese people rowing
Picture submitted in the photo contest on Sona

Another way of popularizing traditions on Sona is through event campaigns. They offer all the necessary information people need to know, including the location, date and hours of the event and people can also see them in a calendar on the app. Some of the events people could find on Sona were: Gospel Folk concerts, knitting workshops, Apple Festival, Harmonica Festival, Christmas activities during the month of December or New Year’ Eve festivities.

Sona is dedicated both to citizens of Faroe Islands, but also to tourists. Some unique events invite people visiting the islands to home dine at the farmers’ home or go on fishing trips, so they can fully experience the Faroese way of life.

Three event campaigns on Sona
Some event campaigns on Sona that promote Faroese traditions

Alba Iulia

On another side of Europe, in the Romanian city Alba Iulia, another white labeled app of Zoniz is helping promote traditions. e-alba iulia is a smart city app that helps citizens stay up to date with what is happening in the city and guides tourists through the famous citadel Alba Carolina.

The most important time of the year for Alba Iulia is December 1st, Romania’s National Day. This is where the document that officially united the three principalities into one was signed. Every year, Romanians from all over the country come to Alba Iulia to join the festivities here: the laying of crowns, the military parade, the torches retreat and fireworks are just the highlights of the day. But the municipality’s official program covers events starting from November 26th and goes on until December 6th and they name it Festival Of Romania.

Romanian flags in Alba Iulia
Romanian flags in Alba Iulia on Romanian National Day

This year, e-alba iulia used their new calendar feature to display all the events during this time. Users could access each event as a separate campaign and see all the details about it, including time and location. They also have the possibility of customizing their calendar view by selecting only certain dates.

Zoniz platform has many innovative functionalities and integrations that can be used in various ways by smart cities. Traditions are still valuable to modern cities and technology can be used to connect people to them easier.

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